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Paraffin baths are not all created equal!

Professionals ask for the Therabath by name. Compare each paraffin thermal spa on this list of features and service guarantees:

1) How Focused on Quality and Safety are competitive paraffin bath manufacturers?

  • Does the competition ...
    • have a 5-YEAR WARRANTY on both parts and labor?
    • have automatic temperature control that maintains a medically prescribed temperature?
    • make each paraffin bath to professional quality standards?
    • have a CE Mark and CETL Listing for safety? 
    • perform quality testing on each unit before it leaves the factory?
    • operate under FDA's Good Manufacturing procedures?
  • Where is the bath made? Each Therabath is made under strict quality controls right here in the USA
  • Where is the paraffin wax made? Likewise, Therabath paraffin is blended under strict quality controls right here in the USA
  • Do they include detailed instructions in their operator's manual? At Therabath, we care that each person fully understands how to use and maintain a paraffin wax bath
  • How long have they been making paraffin wax baths? Therabath is the original -- since 1962!

2) Therabath Uses Superior Materials for the Highest Grade Available

  • Therabath has ...
    • an outer case made from non-flammable ABS plastic
    • an inner tank made from anodized aluminum for more even heat distribution
    • a primary thermostat that regulates the temperature, and a second safety device for added reliability
    • insulation that covers all sides. This means it takes less energy to operate and keeps the paraffin at a steady temperature
    • long-life heating elements for controlled, even heating
    • a heavy-duty, grounded hospital-grade electrical cord

3) What about the Design and Appearance?

  • Therabath has ...
    • a longer and wider inner tank. Other paraffin baths may look bigger on the outside, but the trick is to measure the inner tank!
    • a more compact outer case. Even though the inner tank is full-sized, the compact outer case doesn't take up too much valuable counter space!
    • an oval tank. This makes dipping your hand, foot, and elbow more comfortable!
    • an inner grille. Not only does this increase patient comfort, it hides particles that may collect on the bottom
    • a clean white outer case design. The outer case is durable and scratch-resistant, and easy to clean!

4) What About "Special Features"?

  • Does the Therabath have a temperature-setting dial? The Therabath has no temperature-setting dial. Why? It has "thermostatic control," which means it operates automatically so you don't have to worry about the temperature of the paraffin
  • What about a "fast-melt switch"? There is no fast-melt switch on the Therabath because they may not allow you to use the bath any faster. The paraffin wax may melt faster because it gets hotter, but you will have to actually wait for the paraffin to cool before you can use it!

5) What About the Paraffin?

  • Therabath paraffin wax is ...
    • triple filtered for purity
    • soft, pliable, and easy to remove even after it has cooled
    • clean and fresh smelling
    • available in 11 scents

6) How About the Accessories?

  • Therabath accessories and accessory kits ...
    • use insulation and lining in the mitts and boots
    • use heavyweight plush polyester shell material
    • have sturdy stitching and construction
    • are machine washable

7) But Don't Take it Only from Us!

  • Read what some of our customers have said about the Therabath (go to Comments page. Also, see our hygiene page on the cleanliness of paraffin treatments.
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