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For Chronic Arthritis Joint Pain, Relaxed Muscles, and Increased Circulation
  • Maximize the heat benefit by applying more layers of paraffin. The more layers of paraffin applied, the longer the heat will last. For maximum effect, we recommend 10 to 15 layers. This is the same concept as building a candle - the more layers you build, the longer a candle can burn.
  • prolong the treatment by using the plastic liners and insulated mitts and boots (for hands and feet), or plastic and an insulated wrap (for other areas).
For Very Dry, Cracked Skin

  • Prior to applying the paraffin, apply a light coat of nongreasy Therabath Intensive Hydrating Cream. Rub extra lotion into cuticles and dry patches. If desired, apply additional lotion after the paraffin treatment too.
  • Apply at least five layers of paraffin.
  • Enhance the softening effects of the paraffin by using the plastic liners and insulated mitts and boots, helping to increase circulation to the skin and absorb additional moisture from the lotion.
  • See also our before and after pictures that illustrate the skin-moisturizing benefits of paraffin therapy!
For Salon Manicures and Pedicures
  • If using paraffin as part of a full manicure or pedicure, remove old polish, shape and repair nails, and apply acrylic nails prior to the paraffin treatment.
  • Use exfoliating scrubs prior to paraffin treatment. Wash and dry area thoroughly.
For Use in Therapeutic Massage

  1. Paraffin treatments on clients’ hands, feet, elbows, etc., are a beneficial addition to any type of therapeutic massage.
  2. Paraffin can be used by the practitioner to warm hands prior to viding massage services, and afterwards to ease stiff, tired hands and to relieve dryness from repeated hand-washing.
For Use Prior to Exercise or Physical Therapy and to Increase Range of Motion
  • Follow the suggestions for relief from chronic joint pain, etc.
For Tired, Work-weary Hands
  • Follow the suggestions for relief from chronic joint pain, etc
General Suggestions for Easier Treatments

  1. The more layers of paraffin built up, the easier it is to remove the paraffin.
  2. If the area to be treated has a lot of hair, build up additional layers of paraffin. (Paraffin will not remove hair.)
  3. Dip to the same level each time (in other words, immerse to the same point with each dip) so that an even amount of paraffin covers the area to be treated and there is a thick edge to grasp when removing the paraffin.
  4. To build up thicker layers, wait a few seconds (until the shine goes away) in between dips. Try not to flex your fingers or break the “glove” of paraffin in between dips.
  5. Allow the paraffin to remain in place for at least 10 to 15 minutes. (The more layers, the longer the heat lasts.) An insulated mitt or boot will cause the heat to last even longer.
  6. Before applying paraffin with a brush, preheat the brush by letting it sit in the Therabath for five minutes.
  7. Use Therabath Professional Refill Paraffin because it is a high grade of paraffin that is specially formulated for precise melt point, cleanliness, and ease of use.
Are paraffin treatments sanitary? See our hygiene page for more information.
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